City Carrier Help


New orders

There is list of published orders. Carrier can assign order by pressing on published order and click take order icon. It is possible to see way of this order on map. In order box user carrier see name of business, order number, the kilometers that carrier must pass through, price, time of pickup timer? deliver address, price and publish time. Kilometers and time performed by bicycle, car and movement by foot.

My orders

From carrier side it is possible to change order’s status to the next 5 statuses: assigned, wait, picked up, arrived, delivered. Carrier can use wait and picked up statuses, only if from-to module is active (for details about module, click here.). To learn more about each status, you can go below.


Assigned orders designated by blue color. When order assigned, carrier able to see all information by clicking on assigned order. Also it is possible to see information about customer and to call or to chat with business from here.


Orders in wait status designated by light blue color. The carrier can change the status of the order to the wait status, while waiting for the order to be ready. Only carrier have possibility change status of order to wait status. Also carrier able to add comments for this status.

On the way (picked up)

Orders in picked up status designated by yellow color. After that carrier assign (or wait) the order, he can change order’s status to the picked up, it means that carrier already received the order and have possibility to deliver it to customer. Not only carries able to change status of order to the picked up, but also it is possible for business.


Before courier give the order to the customer, he notificate customer that he in the right place and can deliver the order. In active orders list arrived orders marked by green color.


After that courier gave the order to the customer, he can click on delivered button and write comment. When process ended order disappear from “My orders” section and fall into “Completed” section. (For more information about “Completed” section, click here.)