City Carrier Help

Dashboard statuses

Order statuses

Created:Operator create an order. Order can be created and saved by clicking “Save” button in adding order box.

Published:Order must be published by clicking “Publish” button in adding order box. If order is not published all of operations with order can’t be performed. When publish icon is red it means that operator wait for assignee.

Assigned: Carrier assign the order published by operator. When carrier do not assign order at the time interval appointed by operator the green icon of assigned status will be red.

Picked up: Business picked up the order assigned by carrier.

Arrived: This status is a message for customer about that customer already is in the right place expects him to give the order. Change from pick up status to arrived does carrier.

Delivered: Carrier change status from picked up to delivered if order delivered and sometimes send a message about delivering.

Closed: After delivering order by carrier business close this order.

Canceled: When order on published stage user can cancel it.

Carrier statuses

Online: Business can see carrier online or not in chat box. When carrier is online beside carriers’ name business see green icon. Also business see how many carriers are online.

Offline: Business can see carrier offline or not in chat box. When carrier is offline beside carriers’ name business see gray icon.

Busy: When user see red icon beside carriers’ name in chat box, it’s mean that carrier is busy now. Busy means that carrier assign 2 or more orders and executes one of them now.