City Carrier Help

Dashboard overview

CityCarrier dashboard gives you the ability to manage your carriers all time. See orders status and tracks on map. All of the orders appear on dashboard and you can sort it by status.

The top right

Warnings – If time to assign (TTA) or time to pick up (TTP) is finished and nobody from carriers doesn’t do any actions this orders appear here. Also here orders will dissapear after that business picked up them.

Notifications – here business can see which orders are assigned, picked up, delivered or closed successfully.

Account menu – consist of business picture, settings, marketplace, logout features.


Business able to contact only with associated carriers.

Also business can see quantity of online, busy and offline carriers in chat box on “My carriers” line in the brackets. Online carriers marked by green, offline carriers marked by gray, busy carriers marked by red color icons.

It is possible to write message to any carrier by clicking carrier’s name in the list. When business click on carrier’s name, the chat box, where user able to write message, is opening.

Business can search carriers by name in search line. Also it is possible to sort carriers for business, from A-Z,  Z-A and by status.

When business sort carriers by status, first of all will come online carriers, then busy and finally, offline carriers.

Beside the name of carrier, business can see carrier’s movement type. It can be car, bicycle, pickup and so on, or carrier can move by foot.

Business able for two features in chat by right-clicking on name of carrier: show on map and detail.

1.Show on map: If business want to see only one carrier’s moving, he can right-click on carrier name and then click on “show on map” function.

2.Detail: Business able to see detail of carrier by clicking “Detail” feature. By clicking this feature you redirected to “My carriers” page and you can see detail of all carriers.

After clicking on “show on map”, business can see the carrier and can follow carrier’s way on map.

Business have ability to click on carrier icon consisting of initials and movement type to see carrier details.

When business click on carrier icon, he can see following details: photo of carrier, name and surname, rating of carrier and last seen. Last seen means that, when carrier was online last time.

After that the business followed the way of carrier, he can stop follow by clicking “Stop” button on the top right of page.

On the left of the screen business can see all assigned orders which must be delivered by this carrier. Orders arranged sequentially, when carrier delivered one order, logically he automatically switches to another new order.

These two orders on screen are different. One of them already delivered, the second one is assigned. And then carrier switched from one delivered order to another assigned order.


This part intended for follow if carrier pass the assigment timer (TTA) or the pickup timer (PPT).

Warning comes to business by special sound.


This part notificate the business about all statuses of orders, when the order published, assigned, picked up and so on.

Notifications comes to business by special sound.


Business can see all of carriers in marketplace. His associations with carriers, business can see in “Association” part. If it is red x, then business not associated with this carrier. If it is green tick, then this carrier work to business. Also business able to send invitation to carrier from here by clicking the button on the top-right or by right-click on the name of carrier.

The top middle

Business can see only created, published, assigned and etc. by clicking this buttons on the top of page. Business have ability to see how many orders are created, published and etc. When operator click on one of this feature he can sort orders.

Orders bar on left

Business may add new order by entering customer in “Search” line. When business entering customer, if customer has an order at this moment or it is delivered it will be shown. Also it is possible to add new customer from here. Business can write name and surname of customer to add him/her or write only name.

Business able to add one or more orders at the moment.If business would like to add orders, it is possible to add orders to old customers and new customers at the same time. If it is an old customer, customer’s mob. number is already active and business can see it under the name of customer. If it is a new customer business must to write customer’s mob. phone by himself. If business want to add another order, but he do not complete the previous order, he able to clcik on “Roll up” button and order is automatically saved. When business click on “Discard order” button, order lost.

After that operator click on “Roll up” button, all orders saved in “Creating order list”. Operator able to see name and mob. phone of customer and click on the order to edit this order. If operator update one of the orders they fall to “Updating order list”. For example, if operator re-publish the order these orders fall to updating list.

New order box

Name/Surname of customer – Business can write name and surname of customer.
Mobile – Business can write phone number of customer if he add new customer. If bsuiness already have this customer in customers list he can see the phone number of customer in line where he add new order. Business able to put a tick in mobile line to determine is it mobile or not, to send messages about process of order fulfillment, to customer’s mobile number.
From address – Address from which, order must be collected for delivery to the customer.
To address – Customer address, where order must be delivered by carrier. If customer has a lot of addresses, business can choose from these addresses.
Price – The price which business ready to pay for a long distance.
Special price – Price on the left is the price which business can point only from user settings. This is price which prepared by business to pay to carrier for a single order. It means that business can give the same price to all destinations for example in radius 2 km.
Must return – This option explains that carrier must return to a business after order is delivered. When must return option is selected, fix and distance price multiplied by 2.
Order goods – This option gives you possibility to add goods to order, if your business have goods menu. For more information, go to goods section in settings.
Time to publish – Enable this function, system gives you possibility to publish order to different sequences of time, it will be published on time automatically.

Business can write “good & delivery description” and “special instruction”.
Good & delivery description: This description can see all of carriers who sees order published by business. It can be general information about order, for example: 5 pizzas, 3 cola must be delivered to some address.
Special instruction: This description can see carriers who assign order. It will be more private information, means information with more details, such as address and something else.

Business have ability of choosing to whom will be announced about order and choosing movement type for delivery this order. Push to all feature means that business announce information about order to all associated carriers. Favorites means that business announce information about order only for favorite carriers. Info about favorite carriers and how business can do these carriers favorite you can see in General settings->My carriers->Favorites. When business click on “determine courier”, he can select any courier. When business click on “Select carrier” line, he can see list of carriers with their movement type and status mode. Business can search carriers by name.

This order can be created and saved by clicking “Save” button, or created and published by clicking “Publish” button.

On orders bar business can see number of order, date and time of appoint, name and address of customer. Additionally, if business click on order window he can see price, status and 4 features: status, chat, track and info.

Business can see red or green icons on the top left of window. If icon is red, it means that you have warning (see in warnings part). When you see green icon it means that everything going successfully.


Status box created for pick up and close order with writing description, and see current status of order. If published order not assign by carrier for long time, business can re-publish or cancel order. Also it is possible for business to see when order assigned and delivered. Business can change status by right-click drop down. In saved status of order business able to click on “Publish”, “Edit”, “Cancel” in drop down menu. In assigned status, operator can see “Re-publish”, “Pick up”, “Cancel” statuses in drop down menu. In picked up status, it is also able to see “Re-publish”, “Cancel”. In delivered status, business can only “Cancel” the order.


Clicking on track box gives to business observation of order route. Red way is how Google maps or other maps show this way. Blue way is how courier move in reality, so blue way connect coordinates of carrier. Coordinates of carrier points by green point.


When user click on “Information” feature, opens new box. At the top of box, user able to see the order number, from address, customer address(to address), phone, price and carrier’s must return feature. Here user can see time of status’ changing on timeline. Each status have his description, which written by user. Finally it is possible to see sequence of status changing and which user changed these statuses.