City Carrier Help


First you need to unpack archive C:\connector\. After unpacking the archive, you will see 2 files:

1) The “start.cmd” file makes it possible to start the service and create a log file for monitoring work process. (to run this file you need to install java:

2) The “config.conf” file – in this file you need to write 3 parameters:


You need to write the username of the operator which is a bot on your system, its password under which it enters the system and the id of its association with the business here. Business owner can assign operator as a bot, by finding an operator in the list of associated employees.

It is possible to see id of association of the operator with the business in the list of employees

For more information on how to invite an operator, follow this link:

After configuring, “config.conf” file, run start.cmd file. The function sends a message to the localhost: 4555 by POST
Body of message:
“sip_from” : “sip:+994502259405@”,
“sip_to” : “sip:7701@”
sip_to – internal number with ip address of internal number.